Monday, June 4, 2012

Lacey's Graduation | 2012

It was on a Saturday, the day my oldest sister Lacey was graduating. When we first woke up it was cloudy, and then the rain hit. Now there's this little saying in Washington...if you don't like the weather drive 10 miles, or wait five minutes. Folks that's was exactly what we did!
          Seriously no joke, five minutes later. That's Washington weather for you, bipolar.
          My mother worked hours on this board for Lacey. Didn't she do awesome!?
                  Yep, this is going to be a great day!
        Whoever decorated this did and awesome job, right? *Ahem* ;) Okay, so I might have had a little help from my little sisters, Savy & Kaitlin.

All the little details ...

  Hey, you know the girl on the left, right? Yes, the one and only  FarmGirlInFlipFlops and the lovely Anna on her right. Both are awesome photographers!! 
                       Anna, you grew a few inches! ;)
                      Three gorgeous girls, Sarah, Anna, and Hannah. Oh dear, now we are rhyming.
                           The beautiful girl in the yellow dress is my sister/graduate. Woot, woot!
                                 Yes, we do throw's fun! Please don't be too scared. ;)

                               The gal on the right, yep that's me.
                      My uncle Clinton, the master griller. Those burgers were good SUPER GOOD!!
                        Cute little kids...
                       Good talks, and...
                  Great fellowship!
                                             Who could ask for more?

So I mentioned Anna earlier, but let me tell you a little more about her. She has blue eyes, is outgoing, fun, sweet, a fellow Christian, a great photographer, and a superb friend! Once she gets a blog or flickr account y'all will defiantly want to follow her. See her camera strap, well she made that. Pretty awesome, and not to mention it's super cute.
                                     Anna doing her thing...
             The food was delicious!! Refreshing to the max! Sorry, am I making you hungry yet? ;)

                                                Love these girls 
                              The parents enjoying a beautiful sunny day filled with great fellowship.
           Three adorable little kiddos! My sister Kaitlin, is pictured in the middle. Isn't she a cutie?

Golden hour, gotta love it!! 
                                   Carolyn with my horse Paisley.
Anna, I love your hair girly!

                                           Christina :)
                         My dad, giving his speech. He sure is gifted in the area of speaking.

            Lacey, you are now officially graduated from high school! *YAY!* You made it!!

    Giving her speech, she may have teared up a bit during it, but she still spoke on till the end. I MIGHT have teared up a little too. ;)
Kaitlin giving Lacey her "little speech" it was adorable!!
 Jake, the rad guitarist & Savy (My sister) singing "Your Gonna Miss This"by Trace Adkins. Be sure to check out the song, I love it.


                              The kids were having fun jumping on the trampoline with Amy.
                                                  Awe, they make my heart melt. They're so cute!!

Me, Sarah, and Anna. 

                                                         Amy, Lacey, and Sonya


   Savy, aka Savannah my gorgeous younger sister! Not to mention she has the *most* amazing voice!!
Jake plays the guitar, is also the president of a community college, gives guitar lessons, and manages to work at a cupcake shop! I've always thought it would be so much fun to work in a cupcake shop.
                                          Volleyball!? Of course, it's an event tradition.

                                     Looks like someone is pointing at you Hannah. ;)
                         We had a beautiful sunset that we got to watch as we were playing volleyball.
                                               Isaiah serving it up!

                                            Ben, you don't look too thrilled about this. ;)
                                                   Sonya with her stylish one piece jumper.

Why so serious? 
                                                      I spy a Hannah...

We had a fun day with awesome friends, great food, late night talks on the trampoline, volleyball, girlish giggles, seeing how many people can fit onto a hammock, and a beautiful full moon! Who could ask for more?
So I'll leave y'all with one of my favorites. It was my first silhouette! Thank you Anna for being my model.
                                      Thank you for stopping by!

 ♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. Those are simply GORGEOUS pictures, Dakota. :) I love the last one especially. Oh my goodness. It looks like you had a fabulous time. And congrats to your sister! ;) You both are so beautiful; your eyes are stunning.


  2. Awww!! Cody! You're so sweet! The pictures turned out just grrreat! Oh! And I might (maybe) have teared up a tad too...
    I love your work! You are so amazing!
    -Anna Rose

  3. These are all so cool :) Congrats to your sister- and that last picture is beautiful!

  4. ahh i love this! looks like so much fun! lacey's dress is seriously SO pretty, and then is that her again in the brown super adorable cuteee shorts? you and your sisters all look so much alike and you're all gorgeous! :) love this.



  5. these pictures are so lovely, seems like great times!! :) xoxo

  6. oh, dear, dear. I look... hahaha... yeaaah. =) it was a BLAST, though!! so much fun!

  7. These are all lovely! The silhouette? Gorgeous!


- Dakota Nicole