Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend | 2012

This weekend was super! I went to my grandma's house, (Which is about thirty minutes from mine) and arrived fully prepared for staying a whole week. What did I do during the week? Well take a look! First meet Rose, a female goat who's only two days of age in this picture. 

       This is Rose's mother, Pj
Absolutely adorable, right? 
Then there is my girl Paisley, who just turned four recently! Me and my grandma have been working together trying to train her. 
    This is where I spent *most* of my weekend. Yes, it was on the back of a horse. Pretty much the most amazing thing ever! Yesterday, was the first time I got to ride my own horse up into the mountains! The trail ride had uphills, downhills, rocky parts, but she did everything perfectly. I was so surprised, she is not the same horse that I bought over a year ago!
Then there's rugger, he's a certified search and rescue dog. If someone is missing they'll use him to go find the person. He is a pretty amazing dog if you ask me!
Then there's Ithaca, the dog that talks! Just kidding, well sort of. He can kinda say I love you. It's really quite cute! Ithy (Nickname) is a crazy smart dog!
         Trail ridding was the bomb!
   Can't be in the rough outdoors without some worn-out, cowgirl boots!

         Deer tracks, they're everywhere! Speaking of tracks...two days in a row, I've seen a moose, and a cow elk! Which FYI is pretty rare to see! :)

                We had some obstacles for the horses, in which they did awesome!
      Winchester! The.BEST.Dog.EVER!! So loyal, sweet, and caring, seriously would not even hurt a fly.

        I love where we live!

 Tall, green pine trees, blue sky, fresh air, and tons of wildlife. Who wouldn't like it here?
   The view from the house, pretty epic!
     This picture is not so great, but do you see that blurry thing in the middle? Yeah, that's a cow elk.
      Some of the weekend awesomeness! 
Steak slowly smoked over a fire, and seasoned to perfection? Yes please!

     Graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate = S'mores!! Some more! ;)
       Trying to get the fire started, so we can roast our marshmallows. The fire was fun, the food was great, and basically, whole week was just epic! However, that's not what Memorial Day is all about...
It's about those who gave there lives for our country. It's about taking the time and honoring those men and women who fought for us. Maybe some of them were out numbered, and knew that if they went on fighting that they would die. What did those men do? They died fighting for something they believed in. Memorial Day is a day of remembering all the men and women who fought for America. Let's keep that in mind.

How did you spend your memorial day weekend!?

 ♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. gorgeous photos! they make me want to pop over for a visit :) I went camping over Memorial Day weekend and I can't wait to post some of my own pictures!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  3. so cute! makes me wish i lived in the country. and, i love that last photo especially :)

  4. LOVE the last photo, Dakota!! Composition, colors, and all. ;-) How fun to spend the week with your grandma... special memories, I'm sure. =D
    In Christ's love, L
    PS> We ejoyed just spending time together as a family over memorial day weekend--you can't ever beat just plain ole family time, you know? =)

  5. Oh my gosh, you're photos are amazing!!! I am sooo following you, girl... :)



- Dakota Nicole