Saturday, May 19, 2012

Homemade Lemonade | 2012

Howdy there! ;) How has y'alls week? My week so far, has been just dandy! Yesterday, me and my siblings had the idea to make fresh homemade lemonade. So we gather together all the lemons we could find, snatched our juicer, added some water, and a dash of fructose, and wala! Deliciousness was born. Talk about summer in a cup! Basically it was pure deliciousness! Yes, that is a word...

So meet my two siblings...Kaitlin (aka the genius of the family) and then there's Braden, my favorite brother! Okay, my only brother.
                                                           Me and lemons have a love, hate relationship.
                                         Little girls with bare feet & lemonade = adorable! Do you not agree?
    Something about this picture makes me want to drift off slowly listening to the breeze blowing the  leaves.
                                                                        Goofy girl, guess it runs in the family. ;)

    I'm going to try to blog more, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts! Thank you for stopping by! Whoops, almost forgot to ask, how do you like the new blog look? I've been meaning to change it up for awhile now.
                                                                                                        ♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. aww, I love these! they feel so summery and happy :)

  2. Such summer photos here and beautiful ones at that! :)

  3. love these!! And the new design is amazing :)

  4. AHH! Your pictures make me really happy! They're so amazingly awesome. And thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I love your's!

  5. These are so cute, fun, and colorful! :)

  6. lovely!!! and the new blog design is fab. =)


- Dakota Nicole