Friday, May 25, 2012

Bad to Good

Like my awesome parking job!? ;) I wonder why I didn't pass my drive test? Beats me.. 
I was pretty bummed about not passing my drive test. It wasn't perfect, I failed. I felt like just giving up, but then I realized, that it's the times that I feel like giving up, that count the most. I realized that we are human, we fail, and that's just life. I'm not necessarily just talking about driving, it could be anything. I was looking at it from the wrong point of view. I'll admit, even in my photography I feel (at times) like I'm failing to create what I had in mind. I see it as two ways...I can get down about it, or I can work harder. Practice and hard work is the only way to succeeding in life. I see it as this, it doesn't matter how many times we fail, because we're just that much closer to thriving! Therefore, I shouldn't be sad about failing, because it means I'm on the verge to succeeding! Shouldn't that be something to be happy about?

Just a few thoughts...

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♥ Dakota Nicole

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  1. Girl, I know exactly what you mean! This happens to me a lot, mostly in school...I don't call myself a perfectionist, but truth be told...yeah. :) Your attitude is amazing, and a huge inspiration to me. I give up easily, but knowing that someone else is brave enough to keep going helps me out of that. Thanks for sharing!

    ps :: don't feel bad about that park - driving a big car is h.a.r.d, and parking is even worse! I've driven my family's huge Chevy for over a year and am just now working past my fears of parking it - hard work and practice! ;D


- Dakota Nicole