Friday, May 17, 2013

The Beginnings of Summer | 2013

Such a sweet word.
Golden sun lit on your lashes, the beautiful song of nature singing in your ear, the smell of lustrous blossoms, and an abundance of color.

This is my baby boy Ranger, who just so happens to be the sweetest yellow lab you’ll ever come across. Labs have such a sweet disposition, and are extremely loyal dogs!
Little Bubbles (Our miniature pony) 

Mmm gotta love golden hour!

 My “famous” Rhubarb Pie.;) Come up to Washington sometime & I’ll give you a piece.
 I personally love storms, but I think my favorite part is the rainbow.
I’m not going to be posting on here for a few weeks due to the fact that I will be on the white sands of Mexico soaking up some sun. 
I’ll be sure to post all about my grand adventure when I return. That is IF I return. ;) 

How’s your summer going so far? 

♥ Dakota Nicole

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tom & Sarah | Wedding | Mr. & Mrs.

It was a beautiful sunny day in April. I jumped out of bed like an excited little kid, threw on my little black dress, opened my blood shot eyes, put on some makeup, curled my hair, brushed my teeth, and got my gear together in a rush. I Hopped in my car, and off I went to 2nd shoot a wedding an hour away from where I live. 

There’s something about weddings I love. Maybe it’s the giddy brides maids, the abundance of hairspray, Starbucks coffee, all the makeup a girl could ask for, the bride’s excitement, or maybe it’s just all of it together. 
 What I do know is that I love, love, LOVE what I do! I get to capture moments, details, passion, and savor away all this. 
 My bride made this dress herself. Yes, herself. Pretty amazing!

The day was perfect, like something from a fairytale. It was dreamy.

 What is your favorite part about a wedding?
Live. Love. Laugh.
♥ Dakota Nicole