Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Visit | 2012

                                    Yes, we just have that "Special" type of relationship. ;)
 My grandparents flew all the way out from Cali to come to Lacey's graduation, and stayed a few extra days. Our time involved plenty of movies, going out to eat, a late night ice cream, great talks, also a morning coffee run, which is my latest and greatest obsession! Can't get enough of that stuff.

                                                                I love my family!!
                                 My awesome grandparents, and my also awesome mother!
                                  From left to right ... Me, Lacey, Papa, & Savannah!
Cyota  ;)
                                                           Savannah banana!

 Haha! My little brother Braden got the shot on the right. I promise you, my cat really does love me. Sometimes...
A cliche mirror self portrait? Yup!

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♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. these pictures are so lovely! I love family time, I miss my family so much... you have a beautiful family :)


- Dakota Nicole