Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Lovin' Part 1 | 2012

Hey there, I will be taking you on a little virtual journey of our little farm. Welcome aboard! ;)
Jean shorts, a summer must!
Our home-grown organic raspberries are finally starting to grow. I loveee raspberries, they're probably my favorite summer fruit. Okay, that or watermelon! It's a tough call for me.
I walked out to our garden to see if there were any strawberries that were ripe, and guess what!? There were! Nothing like organic, home-grown strawberries! They're way sweeter then what any store has to offer.
Being barefoot, and Converse is my favorite footwear.

Our lovely little creek that runs through our property.

Hey there!
Gotta love converse! ;)

Meet my Paisley girl, she just turned four recently. I've been ridding her a lot lately, & loving every minute of it! With the help of my grandma we have finally trained her to be rideable.        
Then there's sirloin, a female who's just around two years of age.
Ah, I'm loving this golden hour yumminess!

Next meet our steer beef jerky. We are going to use him f-f-for....b-b-b yes, beef. Poor guy!

Our barn cat Riley is in love with me I tell you. Sweetest barn cat in the state of Washington! 

This is Tahiti, and Cancun our beloved parakeets! :) It was such a nice day, so we put the cage outside for them to get some sun.
My little brother Braden, goofing off. Yes, we do have a little rock climbing wall in our garage "gym."

I found this awesome bird nest in our chicken coop.  Pretty neat find, don't you think?

Our apples are looking good! After a few frosts at night I wasn't sure they'd do any good this year. Looks like I might be proved wrong by them.
We have a decent size garden, do you not agree?

Savannah girl ridding the 4-wheeler aka quad. Which ever you prefer to say, I've heard it both ways.
What can we say, we love our aviators!
Did I mention we also like our converse! I knew she was a kindred spirit. ;) I mean after all, she is my sister!                                      
Aviators + Converse!? Now we're talking! 
Farm, fresh eggs anyone?                                              

Oh Tebow, I love this dog! He's pretty big for only five months old! Then again, he is a St. Bernard, so I suppose it makes sense. 

We have loads of lilacs here!! Hey, I'm not complaining.
This is Ranger, he's our yellow lab, he loves the water!! It's not always welcome when he jumps in the creek as you're tanning, and shakes off RIGHT beside you. So not cool.
My cat Precious, the not so "precious" cat.
I've been loving the red roses we planted! Something about them whispers romance.
Me loco siblings goofing off. ;) 
Romeo! Our cat that happens to be a lover of women, and food. Oh, & he also climbs ladders.            
   Hope you enjoyed this post! Any fun summer plans coming up? Going to be trying anything new this summer? If you have the time, I'd love to hear about it! =)
                                                              Till next time... xoxo
                                                             ♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. Awesome post, Dakota! :)
    Gorgeous pictures, like seriously, every single one! Also, you're so lucky that you get to live on a farm! So cool.
    Your two dogs are adorable, especially your St. Bernard puppy, so cute. <3

    1. Thanks Leah! You are so right, it's a good reminder of all I have to be thankful for.

  2. Wow Dakota........... Beautiful, awesome, amazing, stunning. everything that's great photos!!!! <3<3<3
    I've been sooo inspired by this post.

    1. Thanks girl! I'm glad to hear I could inspire you in some way.

  3. This is post is pure lovliness! I just about died when I saw your horse :-).

    1. Thanks Sarah, you're welcome to come ride her anytime! ;)

  4. Love this post! Your farm is lovely, so is your horse. =D
    I love every foot/feet shot, especially the jumping ones. How did you do that?

    1. Thanks Mackenzie! I manually focused my camera on the spot I wanted, and set a timer. All I had to do was jump! There you have it! :)

  5. I love these pictures!! They make me happy and feel at home :D


- Dakota Nicole