Friday, November 8, 2013

Day In The City | A Birthday Surprise

I’m usually pretty good at figuring out surprises. However, this day was not the case.
Hannah, my good friend whom you might’ve seen in some of my pictures was the one who pulled the whole thing off. We talked on the phone about having a girls day and heading to the nearest big city. You see, we have to drive fifty minuets just to shop at a mall. Pathetic? Some may say, but I disagree. I love where I live and that’s truly all that matters. Anyways, Hannah and I agreed to ride down to Spokane together, and do things girls naturally do. You know, shop, eat, and pretty much spend money. Right before I got off the phone with Hannah she asked me to take some pictures of her when we go downtown, and I, being the friend that I am, said yes. ;) The day finally came around and there we were headed to our favorite big city.

 Geez, can you say model?

 Oh hey there. Yep, I’m in front of the camera for a change.

 We probably took pictures for an hour, and then all of a sudden Hannah exclaimed that we needed to go pick-up my older sister Lacey at the Mall. I was oblivious, and didn’t suspect a thing! Especially since the fact that my birthday was weeks away.
We showed up at the mall and met up with Lacey, and just as we were walking out I look up to see my boyfriend Josiah, and the two twins, aka Tevyn and Lukyn. 
I was shocked. Completely confused, yet happy that they were here.
All of a sudden I hear surprise!! I knew then what was going on, and I was blown away that Hannah has pulled all this off for me. Can you say worlds greatest friend? I think so.

We all walked out of the mall back to the park to take some pictures of each other. 
Photo compliments of Josiah. 
  (Left) Lacey (Middle) Hannah (Right) Me
 Meet Josiah, the kindest hearted, talented, and most awesome person ever. :) He calls me his girl & I call him my man...
We actually met at youth group months ago, but I’ll just have to save that story for another time. 

♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. OH. MAH. LANTA! I've said it before and i'll say it again a thousand times. "You and Josiah are the cutest together. Like Really."

    Yah, That's all.

  2. That's so funny --I just moved this past summer, but before I did, we lived about 2 hours away from Spokane and went there pretty often. Amd your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. aww, that sounds like so much fun. you and josiah are the cutest. (and i demand the story. okay, maybe i'll ask for it nicely. pleaseprettypleasewithacherryontop??)

  4. Lovely pictures and what a fun surprise! My friends/fam surprised me for my birthday this, it took me a while for it all to sink in. ;) And, yes, you should post your story!


- Dakota Nicole