Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anna | Fall Photo Shoot | Just for Fun

Hello blogger family! Meet my gorgeous friend Anna Rose. Be sure to check out her website and leave her some love @ Anna Rose Photography. Oh yeah! Also “like” her Facebook fan page... Facebook Fan PageNow you may have seen Anna via the one and only FarmGirlInFlipFlop’s page. This girl is absolutely stunning! Not just on the outside, but also the inside. 
Anna is perhaps the most smiley and bubbliest person I have ever met. 
Just being around her for a minute can brighten anyone’s day.
I seriously can’t remember a time when this girl didn’t have a smile on her face.
 Any who, I’ll stop rambling on about how amazing this girl is. 
 Anna and I have both always wanted to do a photo shoot in the fog. 
We both agreed to take pictures of each other, and venture like any photographer would do.
 However, I had some doubt as to wether or not there would be fog. Soon the morning came, and sure enough there was PLENTY of fog. 

 This girl loves her Nikon camera...perhaps more then most Nikon owners.
 Don’t worry, I’m still in the process of converting her to Canon. ;)
Ok, ok..both are great cameras. 
Still, Canon will forever hold a place in my heart.

 This is the raccoon that we stumbled across. Ok, not literally stumbled, but you know what I mean. ;) We ended up naming this furry little guy Thor.
Pretty good “Vogue” face, eh?

Have a favorite?

♥ Dakota Nicole 


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  2. I'm in love with her outfit, it's perfect. You did an amazing job with these. <3

  3. these are absolutely stunning, Dakota! love love love these. she looks like a modern day princess. you both do. ;) xx.

  4. I love how Anna's sweater perfectly matches the yellow leaves. :) I love these! You did a fantastic job, Dakota.

  5. Wow, she is gorgeous! As is your photography.
    I love how her sweater pops against the muted navies and dark colors of the fog and the background.
    So beautiful. Incredible.

  6. ahh, such beauty. i just love all of these so much. the colors, her scarf and sweater, the fog, the cameras (although I do agree, canon is definitely the best. :P) ... you totally rocked this shoot, Dakota!

  7. Oh, My Cody girl! I love these!! I do love my camera, and fat chance about converting me to Canon. But seriously. These rock!

  8. These are gorgeous. YAY for Nikons. Always. <3

  9. 12 & 15 were stunning! Well, all of them were, but those were my favorites. These were super good!

    Molly Marie

  10. These pictures are seriously stunning, Dakota and Anna! Love the beautiful autumn colors. :)


- Dakota Nicole