Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Puppy Love | 2012

 Drum roll please, ahem, here is our new puppy (A St. Bernard who's now 9 weeks) Sergeant! Is he not the most adorable thing ever!?
He came all the way from North Carolina on a flight last Saturday and arrived later that evening.

                           I'm sort of in love!
                        He can be serious,
                              He can be goofy,
                               He can be naughty, and....
                                    Just plain adorable at times!
            Our other dog, Ranger (A yellow lab) is enjoying this nice sunny day with Sergeant. I know I sure am!
                                          They're best buds!
              Sure they may fight a little, but in the end Ranger loves having a buddy.

 I'm just loving this spring whether! My rhubarb is starting to grow finally! I love making rhubarb pies. Let's see, how can I explain rhubarb pie. Hmm....  I know! It's like summer in a pie. What do y'all like to do with rhubarb?
      I'm super excited our apple tree is in bloom! Nothing like fresh organic home-grown apples! Right?
                                     My horse Paisley mowin' on hay.
Is it just me or do y'all love the sound of rivers, creeks, and oceans as much as I do!? The sound of the water makes you want to just drift off in la la land. This is where I spend my summer days, by the creek. The sound of the branches swaying as the sun peaks through to say hello sends you into sleepy mode. Well at least it does for me.
  This hammock, I cannot say enough great things about it. I love just laying in it! Whether it'a listening to the birds chirp, watching the water from the creek flow over the rocks, or my hair getting in a tangled mess by the wind. It's these moments of spring that I love!
                                Budding leaves! (*Yay!!*)
What is your favorite thing about spring/summer?

♥ Dakota Nicole


- Dakota Nicole