Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Free Ski Week | 2012

Hey there, hope everyone had an awesome week. I sure did! We had our 2nd annual free ski week at our place. Our ski resort (only 20 minutes away) hosts a Toyota free ski week. What's better than skiing or snowboarding for a whole week with friends for free!? I'd say pretty much nothing. If you've never tried before, you really should! Anyways, so on Sunday everyone arrived and we got so catch up. Then we headed off on a walk to the gym which is about a mile away. 

            The kids had this game where they would run away from the goose when ever it would honk.    

                                             Future cowboys

    The three people that got hurt. Everyone agreed afterward that they should've saved the crazy tricks for the end of the week.

     Aren't these little cupcakes adorable!?

                        Isaiah fell and a skiier slid across his hand and slit it.
                                      He sure looks happy for being hurt.

                             What's fun without dancing!?

                           Oh say hello to our new addition to our family... a puppy St. Bernard!

                          Is he not the cutest thing you ever saw?

                         Like the "circus" tent we rented, it sure was what we needed with all those people!

The week went by so fast, and was a blast! Can't wait till next year.

 ♥ Dakota Nicole

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  1. AWESOME!! I so TOTALLY cannot believe I MISSED it!! gahhhhh!! =)


- Dakota Nicole