Saturday, December 14, 2013

Family Pictures | 2013

Meet my family...they’re pretty awesome I must say. ;)
(top row from left to right) Savannah, Me, and Lacey. 
(Bottom row left to right) Braden (only brother), my mother, PJ, my father, and Kaitlin. 

Watch out girls. ;)

And that is my fam bam. ;) 

♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. These are gorgeous. <3 Did you guys take your own?

  2. I agree with Leah, just beautiful. And I love the colors..just lovely. :)

  3. Seriously, your family is so freaking gorgeous. And I adore all the colors and your outfits.
    These are just amazing!

  4. oh MY. These are ah-mazing, Dakota. And I'm loving the clothing coordination - talk about perfection. ;) Epic work, Dakota - love these fabulous frames!


- Dakota Nicole