Monday, September 9, 2013

The Beginning of Fall | Insta Photos

Fall - Such a lovely word.
A time for cloudy days, warm lattes, and of course the best thing ever invented...
Fall will always have a particular spot in my heart.
There’s just something about this rather cozy season that makes my heart happy.
I can’t wait to start wearing cute boots, and overly sized sweaters. stoked!
Also, it seems to me that great things happen around fall.
I have a BIG secret that I will let slip out of my lips...or my fingers on my next post.
More about that later...;)
What’s your favorite season?

 ♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. I love fall! And I agree. There IS something about fall. I love the weather, the coziness, the feeling in the air, the anticipation of the big holidays. Gosh I love fall.
    It's funny that you say great things seem to happen in the fall, because I've really been thinking about that lately. Looking back on last fall, and now this fall. Yep, I couldn't agree with you more :)


  2. I think I know your secret! Do I? Don't forget comfy sweaters and boots too! Those are another big plus of fall!

  3. Amen, and amen. (About the sweatpants.) Haha. Fall is also my favorite season for many reasons, mainly because my birthday is the first day of fall. Also our church camp, which I will be at on my birthday. It's so much fun. I'm so excited for it all to come, and in only a little over a week! Also because of the amazing weather. Ahh. There are so many reasons I love fall. Love all of these pictures too. <3


- Dakota Nicole