Sunday, January 6, 2013

Triston’s Visit / Christmas fun | 2013

Meet Triston, he’s the oldest boy out of all the cousins. Triston is probably one of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet, and not to mention he’s also an avid athlete! Don’t be too surprised if you see him on ESPN one day. 
 Triston, or T-dog (in which you may hear me refer to him) flew all the way up from sunny, warm California. Therefore I saw it fit to have a snowball fight. 
 Kaitlin (my little sis) and T-dog made a “snow castle,” which was quite impressive if I do say so myself. 
 As you can imagine, California weather is far different from Washington weather. After awhile the cold was not pleasant, and it was time to come inside for hot chocolate & some games.

 Triston is also quite the help! Here he is on vacation & shoveling snow? Yep, that’s right folks! However, this is just the type of person Triston is.

 Christmas finally rolled around...

 That girl & her One Direction... I must say I’m more on an Emblem3 gal. ;)

 Nothing too unusual.. just goofing off.

The next day Lacey, Savannah, Me, Triston, and good friend Sonya went out to dinner at a quaint little mexican restaurant. It was delicious!! After dinner we went to see the Hobbit, which is an amazing movie that I highly recommend you go see.
What gangsters ;)

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 ♥ Dakota Nicole

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  1. great pictures, Dakota! :) looks like you had a lot of fun. ;) {love the last picture of you, by the way... gorgeous-ness.} i love snow... *sigh* in Arizona we don't get too much; just enough to tantalize me. ;) oh, and i'm totally going to see the Hobbit, soon. can't wait. if it's anything like the LOTR trilogy, i'm sure i'll like it. :)



- Dakota Nicole