Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis a Winter Wonderland | Part 1 | 2012

Ok, I am aware that I said I’d try to post every Monday, and quite frankly I haven’t stuck to it. However my finals are over, and now I can get back to doing what I truly enjoy. After all, anything beats school, right? 
I’ll start by babbling about what I’ve been up to lately. Recently we had our very first snow of the year! Half awake I jumped out of bed (ok not quite, but you get the idea;)) and looked outside my window to see fluffy white stuff falling from the air. The trees and ground were already covered by this magical thing called snow. 

See that gorgeous St. Bernard!? Yup, that’s my giant baby boy.Well one of them anyways...
It’s been absolutely gorgeous here in Washington lately! Beautiful blue skys, little birds, and heaps of snow. Although this picture was take the day before it snowed...hence no snow.
See that adorable yellow lab? Yeah, that’s my other baby boy.
 These are my snazzy work boots with a touch of plaid pajama pants. Pretty stylish, huh? Yeah I wasn’t kidding when I say I had just woke up. 

 Hello snow!

 They might have been a littleeee excited, but only just a little. ;)

We recently went up to our local ski resort and took some family pictures.
(Left to Right) My dad, Mom, older sister Lacey, me, Savy aka Savannah, Kaitlin, Braden, and lastly Pj aka Peyton. 
It isn’t the Christmas without some festive lipstick! Ok, it can still be, but let’s face it...putting on lipstick is fun. Right? Ok, maybe it’s just me.
 That beautiful woman on the left is me mum...what a stunner.

 Our house has “officially” been decorated for the season. Ah, there’s nothing like seeing your house decorated. This season tends to put a lot of people in the "cozy" mood! it also seems to make one crave coffee like no other, but hey, I’m not complaining. ;)

Yeah, she totally doesn’t get that from me or anything...

Yeah, I’m not obsessed with coffee or anything...

What a wonderful past few days it has been! 

Why yes, I am wearing an awesome mask...thank you for noticing. ;) 
What have you gorgeous people been up to lately!? Have any of y’all decorated your house by now?

♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. WOW! These photos are beautiful! You are so lucky to have snow. I live in Wisconsin, and we still don't have snow yet. I really liked the one of the ornament. The colors were so crisp, and the depth of field was really good.
    I love your photography <3


  2. OOOOooh Cody! I've missed your posts! It makes my day when I find out you blogged! It looks like it was gorgeous at the hill. Looks warm! The the pictures of Tebow! He's my fav!
    Anna Rose

  3. gorgeous pictures, Dakota! so, it's official. i'm so jealous of the place you live. the creek. especially the creek. oh, and your St. Bernard. :) but i shouldn't be, so i'll have to content myself with looking at your pictures. so lovely. {ANDOHMYWORD, i love your mask... haha.}


  4. AHHHH!!! I love this! So cute! My favorite one is your family picture. =D
    Your mom is stunning.
    So are you.

  5. lovely photos + dogs!


- Dakota Nicole