Monday, November 12, 2012

Savannah | Portraits || 2012

  Yesterday, my younger sister Savannah and I ventured out to take some pictures. 
Savannah will be turning fifteen this winter, craziness!
Call me biased, or whatever you wish, but I’m pretty sure she’s one of the prettiest girls I know. Yeah, that’s right, she’s my sister.
 Savannah aka Savy, is quite the musician/singer. You can check out her music here

There are times when she can be serious...
...And times when she can be just plain silly. 
By now I’m sure you’ve gotten the point that she has outer beauty, but she also has inner.
 Savannah has such a gentle, sweet, and loyal disposition. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. (Literally)

Savy, (In which I refer to her) is the best sis a girl could have. 

See that cold water? Yeah, she’s also an awesome sister because she’s willing to try my crazy ideas. ;) I joke. Kinda... 
Dang, who’s that cutie? Oh yeah, my sister. 


Have a favorite? 
Dakota Nicole
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  1. Oh my gosh, these are beautiful!!! Your sister is so pretty and this photo shoot is just amazing. Great job! =)

  2. these are gorgeous, Dakota! lovelovelove the guitar props... also the one of her in the stream is awesome. :) she is so dang pretty! :) great job, girl!

  3. Fun! Great shots :D. And she's so pretty!

  4. I love her! She is such a sweet girl! 15!? When is her birthday!
    Love these pics Cody, They are SOO Savy!
    Anna Rose

    1. Thanks Anna! It’s December 15th!

    2. Cool! So Right between yours and mine!

  5. These are beautiful!! Oh my word, these are just amazing. The composition is great. I love how your photos aren't like just any other photos out there. They are more unique. I love them!
    Hmmm... When it comes to favorites, it's hard to pick. However, I like 5, 9 (the sepia is great), 22, 26, 29, 33, 36, and 37. Well, that's just about it ;)


  6. She is so beautiful. And what amazing photos girl! <3 I love how you used the chair and the guitar. But I think my fav is the chair in the water. :)

  7. Oh and I just listened to one of her songs, amazing voice! :)

  8. She is gorgeous! And she is also a very talented singer. (:

  9. Haha, the picture with the dog is funny and perfect :D

  10. WOW these pictures are the best!!!:) She is pretty and looks so happy in them!!!! I love it!!


- Dakota Nicole