Friday, October 5, 2012

Then and Now

 I was looking back at some of my photos of when I first started getting serious about photography. This was then....

And this is now.

It just goes to show that hard work, and lots of practice pays off! If you ever start to think that you will never be good enough, well you won’t ever be good enough with that mind set. Just look back at your first photo and you will see the progress you’ve made. Be re-inspired! 
♥ Dakota Nicole


  1. Both of those pictures are gorgeous, Dakota. :) I can definitely see the change, though. Good job!! xx

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  3. Both are great but I know what you mean about getting better. I was looking back at some of my oldies and was like wow...:) Keep up the good work girl! <3

  4. I totally am the same way. Boy am I glad I have improved just a little bit. =D
    Isn't it great how you just get better and better?!
    Great job, I have missed your blog posts!


- Dakota Nicole