Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My sister sings the National Anthem

My sister Savannah was able to sing the National anthem for our local pro hockey team.

                                                                    The rival team
                                       So cute, this little guy was able to go meet the ice hockey players.

                                                  My sister doing her stuff. ;)
                                      It wasn't too packed, but still the croud rocked at cheering!

                                Best friends...our friend Sonya, & my older sister Lacey (on right)
                                     The talented, and very cute singer (my younger sis savy)
                                             Down town street light bokeh....I couldn't resist.
 The rest of these were taken with my point and shoot. Might be creepy, but I had to take a picture of this guy. He looked SO much like Taylor Lautner! He's sitting next to the guy in the white shirt. Creepy huh?
                                                            The lights, gah....
 Lastly, to celebrate we got frozen yogurt. Only the best in town! Basically you choose which flavor of frozen yogurt you want, and then add the toppings you want of your choice. So good! If you've never had frozen yogurt before, well... your missing out.

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