Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun with friends

Hello everyone! I just made this blog for personal happenings. We went to the beach (the lake) & let me tell you that sun felt amazing!

Taking a walk


It was really pretty & very nice out!

                         Well, Until the wind started blowing the sand into everyone's eyes.
                      The kids played & were having a blast in the FREEZING water!
                                                                   Different perspective

          Some of the girls went long boarding. It looks really fun! I just might die trying it though.
What's better than an Izze on a hot day at the beach!? I say nothing! 

It was crazy how low the water was. The dock was yards from the water!

Ah! One of the kids found this crab claw in the sand. He decided it would be a good idea to scare us girls with it.

Best Friends

As we were driving down the road we ran into this little guy below...

A huge snake! We didn't know if it was even dead for sure. Scary stuff!

We were trying to take some pictures on the road, but a car came & well everyone moved out of the way A.S.A.P!


Heart, photographer, heart! 

Want an Izze? ;)
What a perfect end to a perfect day. 


  1. Beautiful, Cody!! I looove going to the lake. It's *almost* a good enough substitute for the ocean. Not quite. =) But you did such a great job on the pics, girlie!!

  2. I love Izzes, Ther so good! :D Yes I would like an Izze. haha

  3. Amazing pictures! It's so beautiful there! :) Oh, and I love your blog!


- Dakota Nicole